KiPD takes pride in offering relevant, all-encompassing consultation to our clients.

Property Development and Control

  • Revision of Land Use Management / Town Planning Schemes
  • Applications for the amendment of Land Use Management / Town Planning Schemes (e.g. rezoning applications)
  • Applications for consent use
  • Applications for subdivision & consolidation of erven or farm portions
  • Applications for township establishment for:
    • the provision of inclusionary government housing
    • the provision of bonded housing
    • the provision of commercial development
    • the provision of Industrial development
  • Correct interpretations of town planning and related legislation

Capacity Building

  • Community Participation Process Development
  • Project / Development Facilitation
  • Education and Empowerment

Economic Development

    • Compilation of strategic regional economic development strategies
    • Compilation of viability assessments
    • Assistance with financial structuring
    • Compilation of due diligence assessments


Tourism and Resorts

        • Hotel/resort development facilitation

Project Management

  • Property development facilitation
  • Multi-disciplinary Group Co-ordination and Management
  • Project execution

Development Assessment & Due Diligence

  • Assessment of building control
  • Confirmation of compliance to land use controls
  • Highest and best use analysis

Strategic & Policy Planning

  • Compilation of urban / rural development framework
  • Compilation of precinct / sectorial policies
  • Formulation of land development objectives
  • Formulation of integrated development plans
  • Compilation of world heritage site management plans and development plans
  • Compilation of urban regeneration strategies

Rural Development

  • Compilation of regional agricultural development strategy
  • Facilitation of Intensive agricultural development
  • Compilation of agricultural support systems
  • Compilation of co-operative farm management systems

Township Design & Development

  • Development rationale compilation
  • Compliance to Red book and laws
  • Integrated and inclusionary design